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house wines

  • Senorio de Chical Verdejo £3.50(175ml Glass) £12.95

    Lovely fresh aromas with some weight and a clean finish

  • Senorio de Chical Tempranillo Rosado £3.50(175ml Glass) £12.95

    A delightful fruity rose with nice strawberry notes

  • Senorio de Chical Tempranillo £3.50(175ml Glass) £12.95

    Juicy brambly fruit and fresh redcurrants with soft tannins and a hint of spiciness make an eestremely approachable and versatile wine

  • Vino Spumante Prosecco £5.50(20cl Bottle) £16.00(75cl bottle)

    It has delicate white stone fruit and lemon flavours and fine buttles

White Wines

  • La Pintora Sauvignon blanc £13.95

    A very clean and citrussy Sauvignon Blanc with bags of flavours and great balance

  • Canyon Road Pinot Grigio £14.95

    Medium bodied with rich flavours of apple and pear complemented by hints of floral for a crisp clean finish

  • Marechal Chenin Blanc £15.50

    A wealth of secculent fruit flavours, rich and full flavoured. Immediately appealing

  • Hawk's View Chardonnay £15.95

    A vibrant Chardonnay packed with peach and melon flavours with a delicate hint of canilla and oak. This softly textured and beautifully balanced Chardonnay will partner well with poultry, pork, shelfish or simply on its own.

  • Pitau Sauvignon blanc £17.95

    A vibrant, citrussy wine full of ripe gooseberry, passion fruit and cool lime flavours

Rose Wines

  • River Wild White Zinfandel 13.95

    An aromatic and flavoursome wine, brimfull with strawberries and cream flavours and a juicy finish

  • CastelTorre Pinot Grigio Blush £14.95

    Soft pink colour, refreshing burst of strawberries; a very easy style of wine. A crowd pleaser!

Red Wines

  • La Pintora Merlot £13.95

    Light, plummy notes on the nose and ripe and ripe berry fruit with soft tannins on the palate make for a very smooth and balanced wine

  • Hawk's View Shiraz £14.50

    Rich and juicy this punchy Shiraz from Australia goes down like a treat

  • Jean D'Aosque Cabernet Sauvignon £14.95

    Attractive nosefull of the aroma of red fruit and spice

  • Undivided Pinot Noir £16.50

    Elegant notes of small red fruit combine with hints of spice and smooth vanilla

  • Morita Malbec £15.95

    Full bodied wine with ripe red fruits flavour and an elegant touch of smoke and vanilla


  • Pina Colada £5.99

    A wonderful creamy, fruity concoction. That was a classic of the 1950's and in th ebars of wall street types. A mix of Malibu rum, coconut cream and pineapple juice

  • Margarita £5.99

    This one is sharp and zesty. A classic flavour of Mexico created with Tewuila. Triple sec and lemon juice, the ultimate classic that sells more in the US than any other cocktail - Tequilla with orange liqueur and lime. Served frozen or on th rocks

  • Mojito £5.99

    World famous classic from athe home of Castro, mint and lime are muddled together with three - years aged rum, topped with soda

  • Long Island Iced Tea £5.99

    It was invented in America around the time of prohibition and named "iced Tea" to disguise its potential identity. A popular mix of equal parts of vodka, gin, tequilla and triplesec with lemon juice mixed with a splash of cola

  • Cosmopolitan £5.99

    The classic cosmopolitian, became the favourite cocktails, famous due to its role in the hit TV show, Sex in the City

  • Jack Bite £5.99

    Jack Daniel's, Amaretto, Archers, Ice, Topped with Pineapple juice

  • Bottled beer

    • Corona 330ml £3.50
    • Budweiser 330ml £3.50
    • Tsingtao 330ml £3.50
    • Cobra 330ml £3.50
    • Kingfisher 330ml £3.50
    • Asahi 330ml £3.50

    Restaurant opens for Lunch and DinnerOpening Times & Price

    Spices are at the very heart of Indian cooking. They are the essence to the delectable Indian flavour and depth of taste.


    • Im a student here in cardiff and whenever I miss Indian food I visit spice root. the food is delicious. the best part abt the rest is that there are so many things to eat that it gets difficult to decide what to eat. I seriously hve been recommending this restaurant to everyone Read more

      Sandra Mc Donald London
    • Tried out Spice Route with a few friends as we were in a rush and didn't want to wait around for food. It was a pleasant surprise as there was a big variety of food on offer. Not only were there simple soups, salads and starters, they had a whole range of veg and non-veg curries, a live noodle station and plenty of desserts There was something for everyone although we all had different tastes. Read more

      Holly Clarke Cardiff
    • Excellent Service - Great Food Visiting Spice Route last week with a group of friends for a birthday party. The waitress was extremely welcoming and although we hadn't booked they were happy to decorate our table with baloons and bring us a cake which was very thoughtful. The food was of a very high standard to match the service and we all had a great time. I would definitely recommend ... Read more

      Alisha Khan Newport